My career has focused on the application of behavioural science to the world of work. This was initially through organisation development (OD), the management of change, working climate and cultures, with a particular focus on the development of exceptional self-managed team-working. As well as supporting clients’ OD initiatives throughout the UK, Europe, the Gulf and Asia, I also established, managed and mentored, online Alumni groups for two global corporates.

As a consultant, I founded two niche partnerships, was General Manager & Director of the UK’s largest firm of consulting psychologists, and Director of Strategic HR consulting for the UK’s largest consultancy PLC. As an HR practitioner, I was Group HR Director with ultimate responsibility for a 54,000 strong workforce going through a massive cultural change. As an author and researcher, I have published eight management textbooks, one popular management title, and contributed over three hundred editorial articles.

Throughout my career, I have contributed to executive education programmes at Henley, London, and in the Gulf Region and India. My interest in individual development grew, so I trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and developed and led corporate leadership programmes. Continuing this work with leaders, for the last 15 years, I have worked as an executive coach or confidant – with clients ranging from high-ranking UN officials, senior civil servants, chief executives and a former Prime Minister – enabling my clients to identify their drivers, envisage the future that they would like to achieve, explore political, psychological and societal issues along the way, and progressively realise their own and their organisational dreams.

Alongside this, my method of senior executive job searching, based on both on- and off-line social networks, has evolved over the last 15 years, and is the subject of my latest book – published, as an experiment, in e-book format.

Having always been a relatively early adopter of ideas and ‘technology’, my work has often drawn on emerging theories, tools and techniques – from advanced statistical modelling and systems thinking, emotional and spiritual intelligence, workplace spirituality, micro-computing, the internet, social media and social networking.

While I get enormous personal satisfaction from my one-to-one work, I would like to match this with more facilitation of learning within small groups and larger-scale public-speaking – for both of which I receive very positive feedback as being thought-provoking, entertaining, inspiring and dynamic.

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